• Client Management.
  • Deposit Accounts Management.
  • Loan Accounts Management.
  • Share/FDR Accounts Management
  • Daily Collection
  • Profit Settings.
  • Loan Discount Settings
  • Loan Renew/Fine Settings
  • Withdraw Share/FDR/Deposit
  • Bank Management
  • Employee & staff Management
  • Salary Management
  • Micro Credit Management Reports
  • Accounts Management
  • User Management




Client Management :

  • Client registration
  • Registration with Photograph
  • Registration with Signature, Business License etc.
  • Included Reference Person Information


Deposit Accounts Management

  • Open a new deposit account
  • Create one or more deposit account any particular client
  • Setup Deposit Type
  • Setup Deposit Amount
  • Create opening balance



Loan Accounts Management

  • Open a new loan account ref. by deposit account
  • Create one or more loan account any particular client
  • Account information with 1st and 2nd guarantor image, Bank cheque image.
  • Setup loan type
  • Setup loan amount
  • Setup loan interest (ex: 5% or 10%)
  • Loan duration and number of days setup
  • The daily amount, monthly amount, annual amount will be shown for payment of installments



Share/FDR Accounts Management

  • Open a new Share/FDR account
  • Create one or more Share/FDR account any particular client
  • Setup Payment Type
  • Share/FDR Amount Setting
  • Share/FDR single or multiple quantity setup
  • Time Duration Setup
  • Create opening balance



Daily Collection

  • Collection by General Accounts
  • Collection by Share/FDR Accounts
  • Collection in multiple accounts in single invoice
  • Collection in single accounts in single invoice
  • Collector wise daily collection
  • You can update/modify any kind of collection (if you have permission)
  • Showing all collection invoice by date & invoice no
  • Single invoice printing
  • Invoice Cancel
  • Search bill



Profit Settings

  • Profit by General Accounts
  • Profit by Share/FDR Accounts
  • Profit percent settings (ex: 5%, 10%, or 16%)
  • You can also exclude service charge for profit settings time
  • Also you can see your service charge collection amount
  • Account wise profit reports (ex: general accounts or share/FDR accounts)
  • You can update/modify any kind of collection (if you have permission)



Loan Discount Settings

  • If a customer pays the loan before the specified time, then you can give a discount
  • Percentage basis discount set
  • Amount basis discount setup



Loan Renew/Fine Settings

  • If any customer fails to pay their loan amount, you can add fine
  • Percentage basis fine set
  • Amount basis fine setup
  • Setup newly loan start date, and new closing date



Withdraw Share/FDR/Dep

  • Amount withdraw from general accounts
  • Amount withdraw from share/FDR accounts
  • Multiple pay mode is included
  • You can withdraw once/multiple times



Employee & staff Management

  • Total Manpower list with their post/position wise
  • Vacancy report
  • Dept. wise Employee list with personal profile
  • Staff/Employee Recruitment
  • Employee salary & other facility



Salary Management

  • Salary sheet ready for each employee
  • Payment salary
  • Report (Day-Month-Year & User)



Micro Credit Management Reports

  • All Client Status Reports
  • Deposit Accounts Management Reports
  • Loan Accounts Management Reports
  • Share/FDR Accounts Management Reports
  • Daily Collection Reports (Day-Month-Year & Accounts)
  • Profit Settings Reports (Day-Month-Year & Accounts)
  • Loan Discount Settings Reports (Day-Month-Year & Accounts)
  • Loan Renew/Fine Settings Reports (Day-Month-Year & Accounts)
  • Withdraw Share/FDR/Deposit Reports (Day-Month-Year & Accounts)
  • All Transaction reports
  • Mother accounts status reports (In Current Times)



Accounts Management

  • Create Accounts Head both Debit and Credit
  • Automatic Ledger Create For New Account
  • Head Office Account
  • Banking Transaction: Opening New Account, Debit, Credit and Generate Bank Statement Report
  • Monthly and Yearly Commission Report According To Accounts and Brand Wish
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly Statement
  • Employee Salary Payment
  • Expenditure Income
  • Opening Balance and Closing Balance Report Daily and In A Period
  • Receipt and Payment Report Daily and In a Period
  • List of Client with Payable Amount
  • List of Client with Payable Amount
  • List of Client with Payable Amount
  • Ledger



User Permission/Security Management

  • Create New User
  • Set Access Priority / Permission
  • Update User Information
  • Update User Permission
  • Change Password
  • Add New Terminal
  • Change Terminal
  • Project Information
  • Login Approval
  • Software Link
  • User Collection Reports (Day-Month-Year & User)
  • Database Backup & Restore




  • Unlimited User
  • Access from anywhere
  • Unlimited PC Access
  • Unlimited Employee Access
  • Individual Access & User Access Settings Panel
  • Low Cost & Best Support (24/7)



Development Tools:

  • Language: C#
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Framework: .net
  • Project made on Fully OOP



Operating System:

  • OS: Windows Server/ Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
  • System Type: 32bit/64bit



Network & Sharing:

  • Sharing on LAN
  • System Type: 32bit/64bit



Support & Maintenance:

  • Unlimited support over phone, email & live chat
  • Video Training: Free
  • Free Support & Maintenance: 2 month
  • Support & Maintenance Charge will be applied after 2 months as per choice your package




  • Training in iSoft: Free (Any Time)
  • 1st training: Free
  • 2nd training & others: 1000 taka (In iSoft), 2000 taka (In client’s office)



Contract Time Length:

    There is minimum one year’s time limit of contract period for the service based system. The client can continue the service for long run or can discontinue also after two years of running this system. But to discontinue the service we request you to inform us at least one month before & collect the dues.



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